This will be a list of blogs and websites that I particularly enjoy, arranged topically. It is a work-in-progress.


  • Bleeding Heart Libertarians: a great blog maintained by a variety of libertarians who are mostly academic philosophers and who tend to lean left in that they prioritize social justice.
  • The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: all articles are written by professionals in the relevant field, aimed at other philosophers without the same background. Good for finding resources and getting overviews of various debates.
  • Prosblogion: very enjoyable philosophy of religion blog covering new papers and issues.
  • PhilPapers: great way to find scholarly articles on various philosophical topics.

Politics, foreign policy, law, military

  • Simple Justice: great blog discussing various legal issues from the perspective of a defense attorney. Don’t comment if you’re not a lawyer or you’re likely to be bitten.
  • War on the Rocks: many contributors, discussing various issues of military concern.
  • The Watch: Radley Balko’s blog at WaPo dealing with police/government overreach, police brutality, and so forth.
  • Lawfare: great blog with a variety of legal perspectives, discussing cases which involve terrorism, intelligence collection, and so forth
  • XX Committee: blog of a former NSA CI professional and current professor at the Naval War College. Very interesting and thought-provoking.


  • Jesus Creed: Scot McKnight’s blog about Christianity. Lots of great posts and guest posts.

Strength and conditioning

  • Military Athlete: fairly sophisticated, highly-demanding programming aimed at developing “military athletes”. Training programs for schools, for general fitness, and so forth. (Also has programming tailored to “law enforcement athletes,” “mountain athletes,” and others.)
  • Strengtheory: my favorite blog/website talking about strength and conditioning from a scientific perspective. Just great.
  • ExRx: money, particularly the kinesiology section, which shows joint articulations.
  • Get Body Smart: Muscular System: figure out all the articulations of your various joints, what they’re called, and what they do. Invaluable if you’re trying to get serious about training.

analytic philosophy, strength and conditioning, emerging Christianity, libertarian politics, and chivalry