What you’ll find here

Here, you’ll find all the things that I think are great, and maybe some things that I think are terrible. I plan to use this as a repository for my philosophical thoughts-in-progress, a source of interesting links and articles from around the Web, and whatever else I fancy.

My health and fitness interests include the ancestral health movement (Paleo diet, etc.), weightlifting and powerlifting, basic gymnastics, hiking, and conditioning. I have two training goals in fitness: (1) make me better at doing the things I really enjoy (climbing, hiking, and party tricks); (2) keep me physically prepared as a warrior. Nope, don’t care if you think that’s cheesy or uncivilized.

I love nature and science. I will cuddle essentially any animal that isn’t an earwig, flea, tick, or cockroach, and love taking terrible pictures of things that I think are beautiful.

For those of a philosophical bent, I will probably be talking about philosophy of religion (theistic arguments, theodicies, religious epistemology), philosophy of biology (evolutionary modeling of health interventions, agricultural sustainability), political philosophy and applied ethics (bleeding heart libertarianism and self-ownership, gun rights, just war theory and the moral symmetry of combatants, moral status of animals, and sexual violence), and perhaps some metaethics (moral realism, also intersections of different moral theories).

For my fellow Christians out there, I will discuss biblical hermeneutics, Christian sexuality, social justice, and general emerging themes. Oh, and this should not be considered a SFW blog. Rating here is overall R, though generally no worse than PG-13. I have a potty mouth, and post links which may not be well-suited for little Timmy or the church picnic. Be warned.

From time to time, I will also post spectacularly nerdy bits like speculation on the paternity of Jon Snow or Christian symbolism in King’s Cross. I have major big-time geek love for A Song of Ice and Fire (and a bit less so the HBO series, A Game of Thrones) and the Harry Potter series.

I welcome comments, criticism, and the like, but I strongly prefer civil exchanges. If I think you’re being a giant dickbag, I will delete comments and ban users at my sole discretion. I may warn you, or I may not. My roof, my rules.

analytic philosophy, strength and conditioning, emerging Christianity, libertarian politics, and chivalry